Oysters All Around

Charleston is Our Oyster


Our Story ...

      Three years ago on one beautiful Charleston day, (because, really, aren't almost ALL days in Charleston beautiful) Elly decided to try out Charleston Junior Woman’s Club as a way to meet new friends after moving back to the lowcountry from Chicago. CJWC is a social and service women’s club in our area that Jan was President of at the time. If the Bumble application for friendships would have been developed already, we would have both swiped YES!

     In addition our participation CJWC, we discovered we both work in elementary schools in North Charleston. Elly conquering the world of 5th grade and Jan providing supportive counseling for military children. Through our initial bond, time volunteering together and discovering we lived around the corner from each other, our friendship was a convenient and well-enjoyed treat. Over the 2016 summer break, as we were enjoying a few glasses of bubbly at Elly’s, we started talking about crafts and ideas we wanted to create. We can’t exxxxacccctly pinpoint how we came up with our first product idea, but by the end of the next day, we already had the design and materials for the Charleston Oyster Keychain! Since then, the champagne and ideas haven’t stopped flowing!

     We love coming up with new products made from oysters we’ve devoured right here in Charleston. Thank you to our patient boyfriends and dear friends for the encouragement and support for this oysterly venture! Cheers!