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Resolutions ... Smeszalutions

Jan and Elly

Big news here .... we STINK at keeping up with blog posts and our adventures!

It is almost April, and we are wondering where in the world has the beginning of 2017 gone???? Truth be told, we began writing this post on April 1st and had every intention on making a funny April Fool's joke and posting that day. Hello real life and being busy!

We wrote our last post with every intention of completing our "resolutions." You all know as well as we do, sometimes life gets in the way and we are completely okay with that fact. 

To keep all of you updated and reflect on our "resolutions" and goals for this year ... here we go!

In January, we DID follow through with our goal of being part of a local movement. Elly attended the Women's March in Washington and Jan participated in the local Charleston Woman's March. It is hard for us to put into words how meaningful both of these experiences were for us. We were humbled, motivated, empowered and speechless. We did NOT end up taking a Candlefish class, but instead began discussions for hosting our own Candlefish Maker Break Class. Hang tight, we will share more details as we type along.

In February, we found ourselves in the most interesting Galentine's situation. Without revealing too many details, we enjoyed a fantastic meal at 5 Church, but with a deal breaker date for Elly. We continued to put in long hours cleaning and scrubbing oyster shells, maintained gold tipped fingers from painting and brainstormed numerous product ideas for the coming months. 

In March and April, we were a little better about our resolutions! Finally ... maybe we are getting on track! We were able to celebrate a fantastic birthday with our dear friend, Melissa. She has been behind us since day 1! What we consider one of our biggest achievements to date was participating in a Makers Break Class at Candlefish. We have been in awe of this beautiful store and were thrilled to share our craft with other local Charleston women. We will share pictures and details in another post because guess what?!?!?! our class went so well, that we are doing it AGAIN this summer! Stay tuned! 

As we are continuing along this crazy oyster adventure we began last year, we are humbled by the support and encouragement we have received. We wouldn't be where we are without the help of so many fabulous friends. We have learned resolutions can be hard to keep, but we are more focused now on a way of being - that of being happy, appreciating this beautiful city we live in and this fabulous friendship/partnership we have created. We will catch all of you up soon! (and yes, we mean soon ... not after a 4 month break this time!)

In Oyster Love,

Elly and Jan