Oysters All Around

Charleston is Our Oyster

Hello 2017 .... three weeks in!

Jan and Elly

Happy 2017 to our faithful followers and supporters!

It may be the third week in January, but we’ve been thinking about potential New Years Resolutions for a few weeks. We have come across several New Years mantras such as “New Year, new me,” but were never fully satisfied and as motivated as we thought we should have been.

We did not necessarily want to create a “new me” because we have accomplished so much in the past 6 months. Hello new business! We wanted to go in a different direction with our resolutions. A few glasses of champagne later (obviously), we finally came up with our 2017 list!

We are absolutely head over heels in love with our city, Charleston, and often find ourselves saying, “we want to do this” or “we want to go there.” As many of you know, working, friends, family, busy schedules and anything else that pops up will easily fill a schedule and these wants are never fulfilled.

This year we have committed ourselves to doing all things oysters and falling even more in love with our city. Uncharted Charleston territory HERE WE COME!

Now we haven’t limited ourselves in the amount of things to cross off of our Charleston 2017 list each month, because in this situation, more is definitely better. We are always open to seeing more, doing more and making more things with oysters.

Our list is in draft version, but we cannot wait to share our adventures with y’all!


Be part of a local movement. Elly is being an overachiever and going national, but we will share more details about both of our adventures next week.

Pretend we are a Chandler and take a candle making class at Candlefish.


Treat ourselves to a little Galentines’ action at a top Charleston restaurant. Any suggestions??


Celebrate one of our favorite supporters and girlfriends for her birthday with the Park Circle St. Patrick’s Day Festival.

Okay, so this isn’t new … but we are obsessed with St. Paul’s and the Broken Bones and want to see them in the Music Hall. Tickets ordered!


Again, not the first time, but we can’t wait to “get over” the Cooper River Bridge Run and treat ourselves to as many snacks and beverages we want after!

We are actually going to take a “spring break” from work. Stay tuned for details!


To be decided! Let us know any suggestions you have!


Spoleto is always a must! We pride ourselves in frequenting the finale at Middleton, but this year, we want to experience more of what the festival offers.


You will find us with our toes in the Sullivan’s Island sand or enjoying a cold cocktail around downtown.


Stay up late to see the Solar Eclipse! Coffee anyone???

September, October, November

To be decided! Let us know any suggestions you have!


We live the southern life everyday, but can’t wait to see what the Garden & Garden Jubilee has to offer!


Until next time …

In Oyster Love,

Elly and Jan